Saturday, August 9, 2014

Crate Paper: Back to School

Getting ready to start the school year is a great time to organize and freshen up desk accessories at home. I decided to make a new pencil jar for my son's desk using the Boy's Rule collection.

I started with a blue Ball jar and painted the inside with a creamy white paint to match the neutrals in Boy's Rule. Tip: When painting do several thin layers and let them dry really well between coats. 
I mixed and matched a few Boy's Rule embellishments that added a fun pop of color, with words that will encourage him as he works.

The embellishments were adhered together and then attached to the jar with a paper clip.

Next up, I couldn't help but make a coordinating collage. I focused on bright colors with lots of textures and interesting and inspiring things to look at. I mounted the collage on card stock, just like a card, to stand up on his desk. If your space allows for it this would also make great wall art placed in a simple frame.

The combination of the pencil jar and collage will be sure to freshen up his desk for the school year and inspire him to sit down and create special things of his own. 

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