Saturday, November 23, 2013

Bella Blvd: Life is Good

 Hi Everyone! I'm back to share another feather card. This time I went a little feather overboard. I've been wanting to try a washi feather so I made one and paired it with a die cut feather and a Bella Blvd embellishment feather.

Since the feathers are kinda crazy I kept the design and sentiment sticker simple. In case you were wondering, the yellow chevron paper is my favorite Bella Blvd paper. ;) The reverse side is that amazing grey triangle. Love both. I use them all the time.

Thanks for stopping by today!


scrappi said...

Love the card.I agrat the grey triangle pee thaper ch feather die did you use?
is yummy. Whi

scrappi said...

sorry. computer had a moment.
I agree the grey triangle paper is yummy.Which feather die did you use?