Monday, September 8, 2014

Crate Paper: Minimally Made

Creating projects with a minimal approach can be so refreshing for your creativity. I started by searching on Pinterest, looking quickly at pictures returned with searches like "minimal" and "simple". Once I had an idea of my direction I dove in to my projects.

First, I created a card with the new collection Notes & Things. For me, on my first project, minimal meant leaving off extra embellishments. No string, no washi tape, no stitching, no enamel dots or sequins. Layering, but in a simple and clean way. I also tried to limit my choices of product, just sticking to one patterned paper, my tags and a few other things. 

When I arranged my tags I specifically chose to layer the white, sentiment tag between the two colored tags. This highlights the sentiment without having to add extra stitching, tape or other embellishments.

Next, I went to the minimalist extreme with some super fun results! The Notes & Things Accent Stickers make perfect, simple, embellishments when placed on top of jumbo paper clips. Just one sticker placed on the paper clip makes a sweet bookmark or can be added to a larger project. They can be reinforced on the back with adhesive.

I went ahead and added one of my clips to a simple cookie wrap. I cut and scored a piece of 12 x 12 paper to fit my cookie. The cookie is fasten in the inside, wrapped in a sandwich bag. With just one journaling card and my clip this makes the perfect, easy gift.

I hope you've been inspired to try a few minimal projects of your own. You can create a project with less product than you are used to or take it to the extreme and see what you can do with just few supplies. Happy crafting!

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