Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Create Paper: Notepad and Pencils

I love keeping little notebooks around the house. I keep track of grocery lists, to-dos, ideas and more. Customizing these notebooks is pretty and practical. Let’s get started and I’ll show you how fun they are to make plus a few pencils to match!

I like a smaller sized notebook so mine measures 4 inches by 6 inches. I started with a piece of cardstock that was cut to 4 by 8 ¼ inches. I scored and folded the card stock lengthwise at 4 inches and 4 ¼ inches.

Next, I embellished the front using products from Oh Darling and Styleboard. The positive words and the cheerful images were combined to make list keeping a little more joyful and less of a chore. You could also use products to coordinate with your d├ęcor or style of your room.

The inside is simple and organized. I trimmed down lined paper and added some patterned paper at the top. This was stapled to the back cover of my notebook and then covered with a cork sticker from Styleboard. The other side is filled with a few sticky notes and a arrow cork sticker to match.

My favorite part to this project is the pencil! Two longs stripes of Gold Foil Kraft Tape from the Styleboard collection fit perfectly! You could stop there and have a super trendy writing tool but I decided to add a little more fun with a die cut feather tied on with twine. I added some strong adhesive under the feather so it won’t slip while I’m taking notes.

With a small notebook and a coordinating pencil you have the perfect addition to your home or you can make it a gift. What a wonderful present this would be for a friend, co-worker or teacher! Let’s explore a couple more style options.

For this notebook I went a little more graphic but kept it girly with the pretty flower covered in glitter.

Letter stickers can be added to personalize the notebook even further with what it will be used for or even someone’s name. I couldn’t resist making another pencil with a coordinating feather to complete this gift.

Let’s not forget about the boys! My son loves to write down his inventions, drawn pictures, write stories and wish lists. I used Boys Rule to make him a notebook that he’ll know is all his! I even personalized it with his first initial and his very own customized pencil.

Creating lists and writing down to-dos can be a lot more fun in something customized and handmade. I hope you’ve been inspired today to make a notebook! Happy creating!

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gorgeous projects!