Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Crate Paper: Composition

Pinterest is bursting with great ideas for composition. The elements of almost any picture can be broken down, studied and put towards new creative ideas!

Photo Credit: Evanyaru

This picture, of concrete painted candle holders grabbed my attention almost immediately. There are so many fun, trendy elements going on, I was inspired and ready to create!

First up, I wanted to recreate the stacked feel to the picture. To do this I took a journaling card from Notes & Things and found three colorful embellishments and adhered them to the card from largest to smallest, just like the pictured.

Since the background of my inspiration was mostly white, I chose a larger journaling card that matched this idea to be the background of my card. I love the playful colors popping out in the picture so I have a few colorful surprises above and below the smaller journaling card.

The sentiment was the finished the card and adds a natural element too! 

I had to make one more card because the angled painting in the inspiration picture is SO amazing! I mimicked the angles as best I could, again using papers from Notes & Things.

The rest of the card is playful and layered but allows the angled paper to make a bold statement at the bottom of the card.

What kind of inspiration in composition can you find? Happy creating!

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